Aldrich moves up on 2nd-to-last night of season

MARQUETTE – Mason Aldrich moved up a class while racing Aug. 21 at the BMX track in Marquette.

Aldrich, 7, picked up his 10th career win in the 8 Novice class. That now enables him to compete in the Intermediate class.

Results were as follows:

26-30 Cruiser: Michael Brunet, Dave Hoban and Marshall Coolidge.

5 & Under Novice: Mason Mottonen, Travis Link and Jacob Nowdomski.

6 Novice: Trent Lorens, Braydon O’Dovero and Spencer Brunet.

8 Novice: Mason Aldrich, Stella Brunet and Riley Hoban.

7 Intermediate: Luke Menard, Ava Stern and Cade Kruhak.

9 Intermediate: Lucas Basal, T J Magnuson and Ashlan Hanson.

12 Expert: Noah Lajoie, Amiya Trombley and Dylan Korpi.

16 Expert: Michael Noble, Forest Luke and Van Ouellette-Ballas.

Aug. 26

The BMX track hosted its last track point race of the season on Aug. 26, though it will host a few races this month along with its year-end banquet. For more information, visit the online site www.marquettebmx. com.

Here are results from that session:

5 & Under Novice: Travis Link, Talon Goodwin and Cole Goedert.

6 Novice: Austin Lacosse, Trent Lorens and Spencer Brunet.

10 Novice: Nicholas Singer, Dylan Korpi and Stella Brunet.

10 Inter: Chase Waters, Bryce Buchbinder and TJ Magnuson.

17-18 Intermediate: Forest Luke, Alex Niemi and Emma Niemi.

46 & Over Intermediate: Michael Noble, Brody Merrick and David Niemi.

8 Expert: Lucas Basal, Samuel Dehlin and Riley Hoban.

14 Expert: Skylar Fortin, Van Ouellette-Ballas and Noah Lajoie.

Pit Bike: Noah Lajoie, Lucas Basal and Alex Niemi.

Information compiled by Senior Sports Writer Craig Remsburg and Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. Email them at sports@miningjournal. net.