Weather station opens its doors to the public

NEGAUNEE- The National Weather Service invited the public to its Negaunee Township station Saturday to learn what it does and how it assists residents.

The NWS held an open house that drew a large crowd for tours of the building and the extensive array of equipment employees use to monitor and forecast the weather.

“Since we are tax funded it’s a great opportunity for the public to see what a little bit of their tax dollars are going toward and the services the National Weather Service provides,” said Matt Zika, meteorologist at the Negaunee Township station.

The open house was also a way for people, especially children, to learn about weather safety preparedness and what to do when the weather is bad.

“We try to instill it in their minds when their are young, so when something bad happens weather-wise they know what to do and won’t panic,” Zika said.

Every two to three years the NWS tries to hold an open house and it gets pretty good turn out every time, he said.

“We usually get a really good turn out because a lot of people have some enjoyment or fascination about the weather itself,” Zika said. “Even though the weather has been kind of yucky today, we’ve had a pretty good turn out.

“It’s really our chance to open the doors (for) folks to see that the money they are paying on their paychecks every year is actually being put to good use and trying to keep the people up here in the Upper Peninsula safe is our main goal.”

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