Another telephone scam hits area, Upper Peninsula

We must regrettably report another telephone scam being worked in our area, and like many of the others previously reported, this one seems to single out elderly residents.

According to a story in Thursday’s Mining Journal penned by Staff Writer Mary Wardell, Chocolay Township Police Chief Greg Zyburt noted callers claim to represent Publisher’s Clearinghouse, the IRS or other entities and ask potential victims for a gift card, check or money order.

The money and the call are basically untraceable and once people are scammed, there is little to no legal recourse, Zyburt said. The FBI apparently won’t get involved unless $10,000 or more is stolen.

Wardell wrote that one resident, Don Williams of Harvey, said he received a phone call this week from a woman who identified herself as being from the Publisher’s Clearinghouse, telling him he had won $850,000 and a new Mercedes automobile.

He said she told him all he had to do was purchase a gift card from Walmart or Walgreen’s for $485 and give her the code. Williams, over 90 years old, said he went straight to the police department.

Bravo, Mr. Williams. That’s exactly what we, and the police themselves, want people who are contacted to do.

Don’t debate with these hucksters. Simply hang up and call the cops.