HOG steps up for Bay Cliff Health Camp, campers

Motorcycle groups often are presented in movies as lawbreakers and thugs, a stereotype that probably has been kicking around since the first time a motor was slapped on a two-wheeled vehicle.

Of course, there may be some people who ride motorcycles who are troublemakers, but we believe the Superior Chapter 1523 of the Harley Owners Group exemplifies the fine character of the vast majority of those who join such organizations.

Superior HOG was at Bay Cliff Health Camp in Big Bay Wednesday to present a check – a very large one at that – to help this great year-round, nonprofit therapy and wellness center for children and adults with physical disabilities.

But more than that, Superior HOG made the trip to Big Bay to spend time with the adult campers at Bay Cliff for Camp Independence. They shared a meal and some conversation with them, even letting those who were interested sit for a bit on the Harleys the HOGS arrived on, much to the campers’ delight.

In fact, the HOG group was at Bay Cliff earlier this summer to spend some quality time with the younger kids who were at the camp then, providing the same kind of special fun for a most deserving group of youngsters.

That large check? It was for $71,354, money the club gathered over the course of the past year through fundraisers.

Through the years, Superior HOG group has given a grand total of $1,383,907.85 to Bay Cliff Health Camp, so it is understandable that Bay Cliff Executive Director Tim Bennett calls Superior HOG the camp’s best friend.

We salute the Superior HOG for being such a great force for good in this community. We thank all those who support Superior HOG’s efforts.

And we hope that when Superior HOG begins its next fundraising campaign for Bay Cliff, everyone steps up to offer to participate.