Police Log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.


10:15 p.m., female having problem with boyfriend, 900 block of Cleveland Avenue

11:07 p.m., unwanted intoxicated male at bar; moved on from area, 100 block of S. Third Street

11:30 p.m., suspicious situation, disabled vehicle, one of the occupants fled on foot when Marquette Fire Department stopped to assist and push vehicle off of roadway; area checked, unable to locate, 700 block of N. Third Street


12:01 a.m., suspicious vehicle in area; area checked, vehicle was gone on arrival, 1800 block of Norwood Street

12:15 a.m., parking complaint, blocked driveway; on-going problem with neighbors, problem vehicles moved, however one vehicle that was cited was the complainant’s vehicle, 100 block of Fifth Street

12:51 a.m., 911 hang-up call; phone line problem, 800 block of W. Washington Street

2:13 a.m., possible criminal sexual conduct; no medical evidence that anything occurred, parents do not feel anything happened, everything was done out of precaution because family member with mental illness was left alone with child for 20 minutes, 400 block of S. Lakeshore Boulevard

3:09 a.m., juveniles sleeping in baseball field; parents notified, they came and picked them up, 1200 block of Tierney Street

5:55 a.m., disabled vehicle in traffic; vehicle moved out of traffic, 1700 block of S. U.S. Highway 41

7:05 a.m., cat stuck on roof of shed; unable to assist; cat would not let officer get close, 200 block of Rock Street

9:40 a.m., debris in roadway; picked up by owner, 1700 block of McClellan Avenue

10:49 a.m., dog in silver vehicle barking each day; gone on arrival, 700 block of North Third Street

12:16 p.m., brother was told by sister that she was putting their grandmother’s belongings outside; checked out; OK, 200 block of West Bluff Street

1:33 p.m., be on lookout/driving complaint; OK, 1100 block of South Front Street

2:05 p.m., driving complaint; unfounded, McClellan Avenue

2:39 p.m., wants it noted that he sold his vehicle and forgot to take the plate off, now unable to reach driver; civil – vehicle not drivable, will drop off plate at Marquette Police Department tonight, 100 block of Lincoln Avenue

2:53 p.m., property damage accident; report taken, 300 block of West Baraga Avenue

3:31 p.m., peace officer standby; OK, 400 block of East Arch Street

5:05 p.m., burglar alarm; false alarm; building secure, 1300 block of West Washington Street

5:44 p.m., report of unwanted subject; subject taken to his own apartment, 300 block of Pine Street

6:54 p.m., reported parking problem; no parking violations observed, 100 block of East Magnetic Street

8:48 p.m., report of possible minor in possession; no MIPs; marijuana had been smoked earlier; no evidence remaining, 2000 block of Sugar Loaf Avenue

9:37 p.m., runaway complaint; daughter returned on own short time later, 1900 block of Bejig Street

11:22 p.m., operating under the influence of liquor – vehicle involved in accident; vehicle and driver located; arrested and lodged for second Operating While Intoxicated; vehicle towed, 1400 block of O’Dovero Drive

11:48 p.m., report of disorderly teenager at campsite; report taken, 2100 block of Sugar Loaf Avenue


12:40 a.m., suspicious – report of two subjects carrying canoe down the street; area checked; unable to locate, 300 block of Norwood Street