Ebola prep here proper planning, given threat

Although some, perhaps many, might argue that it’s a waste of time, we wholeheartedly support moves made in recent months by the Marquette County Health Department to prepare for Ebola cases that might appear in this area.

Certainly readers are aware that the disease has reared its deadly head in West Africa where more than 1,700 cases of Ebola have been reported in recent months. Of that number (and admittedly, sound numbers that everyone agrees on are hard to come by) at least half have ended in death.

According to a page 1C story penned by Mining Journal Staff Writer Justin Marietti in today’s Mining Journal, it’s the largest Ebola outbreak in history. And that’s why the Marquette County Health Department, lead by medical director Dr. Terry Frankovich, is starting to lay the groundwork should cases appear locally.

“I want to stress that unlike many infections which are transmitted from one person to another by breathing the same air, Ebola is spread only through exposure to the bodily fluids of someone with the disease,” Frankovich said in today’s Health page story. “Even though the risk of Ebola appearing in our area is very low, it’s important that communities are prepared.”

We agree.According to today’s story, the county health department has been in communication with its hospital partners and other organizations to address any concerns that could arise related to the Ebola virus for travelers returning from African nations affected by the virus. The Marquette County Health Department works closely with the state health department, area medical providers and the federal CDC to monitor any infectious disease concerns in the regions.

More information on Ebola is available at www.cdc.gov/ vhf, which is the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Readers should check it out.