Creagh approves Gwinn land deal

MUNISING – Michigan Department of Natural Resources Director Keith Creagh approved a land transaction Thursday which will aid Forsyth Township in developing its water system.

The decision came at a meeting of the Michigan Natural Resources Commission in Munising.

The land transaction conveys 9.4 acres at a nominal fee to Forsyth Township to help the community upgrade its water system. The land is situated one mile east of Gwinn.

DNR division chiefs recommended the land in Marquette County be conveyed, with the state retaining an easement 24 feet wide along an existing snowmobile trail for recreational purposes.

“The department (DNR) has supported Forsyth Township’s efforts to provide a clean and reliable water source for its citizens by permitting the township to install and maintain a municipal water well and pipeline on this property since 1975,” the chiefs wrote in a memo to Creagh on the transaction. “At this time, the township is pursuing a federal loan that will fund an upgrade of their water system. As a part of this loan request, they are required to secure a higher level of control over the property. This conveyance will satisfy that requirement.”

The state acquired the land by tax reversion in 1945 and will convey mineral rights in the transaction.

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