IPD officers called upon to handle unusual problem

Give the Ishpeming Police Department a good measure of credit. Officers last Friday night were called upon to handle a situation that was more reminiscent of the old west than modern police work. That said, they got it done, and with no reported injuries.

This unusual situation started at about 10:45 p.m. Friday near the ski hall of fame along U.S. 41. Mining Journal Staff Writer John Pepin detailed events in a front page story in Monday’s edition.

Police were notified that a bull was in the highway at the location. Because of where we live, it’s important to note we’re not referring to a bull moose but an actual bull.

Because of the sheer size of the animal, it took several hours to corral it, so to speak.

After giving chase for some time, officers resolved matters by throwing a rope around it, then jumping on top of it. It was later determined the bull wasn’t a bull at all but a cow with horns.

The animal had apparently made its escape from a trailer that was transporting it from the Copper Country to the Mackinac Straits area; the owner was unaware the animal was even missing.

Again, congratulations to IPD?for handling a unusual situation very well.