Youth soccer

MARQUETTE?- These are scorers in the Superiorland Soccer Association’s Under-8 girls division:

Gray Gazelles: Stella Brunet, Alyson McCarthy and Anabel Ollila.

Pink Flamingos: Ella Mason, Sydney Osborne and Willow Rule.

Blueberry Frozen Cotton Candy: Faith Dutter, Lauren Gaboury, Delanee Lenten, Halle Palomaki and Ella Standerford.

Red Dragons: Leah Charmley, Kyley Elmblad, Kaylee Hellman, Sophia Henning, Megan Marta, Madison Marta, Isabelle Marta, Erin Moe and Kaylen Wallner.

Orange Crush: Amelia Bouws and Giana Rowe.

Pink Ninjas: Allison Hyde and Julia Moyle.

Information compiled by Senior Sports Writer Craig Remsburg. He can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 251.