BMX rider collects first career win

By Journal Sports Staff

MARQUETTE – Mason Lautenschlager 6, picked up his first career win in competition July 31 at the Marquette BMX track.

41-45 Cruiser: Shannon Black, Jon Spencer and Michele Basal.

5 and Under Novice: Luc Gervais, Mason Mottonen and Travis Link.

6 Novice: Mason Lautenschlager, Braydon O’Dovero and Trent Lorens.

7 Novice: Mason Aldrich, James Newman and Riley Hoban.

10 Novice: Bryce Buchbinder, Nicholas Singer and Ashlan Hanson.

7 Intermediate: Luke Menard, Ava Stern and Cade Kruhak.

9 Intermediate: Lucas Basal, Chase Waters and T J Magnuson.

12 Intermediate: Wyatt Clement, Amiya Trombley and Alexander Curry.

14 Expert: Skylar Fortin, Andrew Niemi and Noah Lajoie.

19-27 Expert: Michael Noble, Alex Niemi and Caleb Schuiling.

Open: Michael Noble, Alex Niemi and Shannon Black.

On July 29, Spencer Brunet 6, got is first career win.

2 and Under Strider: Kaylin Link, Caleb Simon and Arya Manning.

21-25 Cruiser: Skylar Fortin, Caleb Schuiling and Alex Niemi.

5 and Under Novice: Luc Gervais, Travis Link and Evan Simon.

7 Novice: Spencer Brunet, Kye Black and Jatasia Black.

9 Novice: Ashlan Hanson, Isiah Rasmussen and Bodhi White.

10 Novice: Nicholas Singer, Dylan Korpi and Dominic Coughlin.

10 Intermediate: Chase Waters, T J Magnuson and Amiya Trombley.

13 Intermediate: Noah Lajoie, Andrew Niemi and Jordan Cox.

8 Expert: Lucas Basal, Samuel Dehlin and Cade Kruhak.

19-27 Expert: Michael Noble, Alex Niemi and Emma Niemi.

13 and Under Pit Bike1: Nicholas Singer, Lucas Basal and Chase Waters.

13 and Under Pit Bike 2: Noah Lajoie, Amiya Trombley and Dylan Korpi.

14 and Over Pit Bike: Michael Noble, Alex Niemi and Caleb Schuiling.

Information compiled by Senior Sports Writer Craig Remsburg. He can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 251.