Red Hots hold off Royal Blue for U12 girls title

MARQUETTE – These are the goal scorers from Under-12 girls playoff games in the Superiorland Soccer Association:

July 19 – Preliminary rounds

Red Hots 3, Ash 0 – Red Hots: Molly Snyder, Breanne Sandstrom and Mollie Kilpela

Royal Blue 4, Orange Crush 2 – Royal Blue: Kaitlyn Berandt and Taylor Ragusett; Orange Crush: May Waters and Jessica Bowman

Pink Royals 3, Ninja Bunnies 1 – Pink Royals: Alena Holand and Alyssa Premeau; Ninja Bunnies: Marianna Davis

Ash 3, Orange Crush 1 – Ash: Kylie L’huillier, Kayla Grugin and Taylor Epper; Orange Crush: Jessica Bowman

Red Hots 5, Pink Royals 3 – Red Hots: Mollie Kilpela and Averie Kellie; Pink Royals: Ainsley Kirk, Clare Hogan and Jacey Johnson

July 20 – Championship game

Red Hots 3, Royal Blue 0 – Red Hots: Molly Snyder and Emily Bryant

U8 girls soccer

Scoring in the division were:

Gray Gazelles: Stella Brunet, Alyson McCarthy, Anabel Ollila, Mia Spitz and Ellarie Thierry.

Pink Flamingos: Anna Hennings and Willow Rule.

Yellow Lions: Grace Seger, Molly Wilson and Tyleur Wright.

Blueberry Frozen Cotton Candy: Faith Dutter, Maia Hemmila, Halle Palomaki and Samantha Nelson.

Red Dragons: Leah Charmley, Kyley Elmblad, Megan Marta, Madison Marta, Isabelle Marta and Erin Moe.

Blue Jays: Olivia Buck and Alexis Hammerstrom.

Orange Crush: Amelia Bouws.

Pink Ninjas: Jessica Gooch and Allison Hyde.

U6 coed division

Goal scorers in the division for the week of July 21 were:

Pink Panthers: Kane Bush and Brody Sheldon.

Aqua Blue: Wyatt Ansell, Hannah Josefsen and Timothy Wendt.

Lightening Ash Sharks: Georgia Hummell, Bria Larson and Tino Weiger.

Greywolves: Drew Erickson, Sevrin Swanson and James Goodwin.

Purple Wildcats: Grayson Wash, Jack Grant, Sarah DuFay, Mason Schmidt and Carson Wernholm.

Blue Thunder: Cole Becker, Greta Meisel, Lola Rink, Ben Kuhl, Victor Koren and Ryan Burbey.

Orange Fire: Luke Trudeau and Brooklyn Columb.

Sand: Grady Gauthier, Landon Hartung and Cameron McGlathery.

Green Lightning: Sophia Skytta and Devin Fortin.

Blue Bears: Hank Tincknell. Owen Cardinal, Vince Tincknell and Jack Pond.

Sapphire: Charles DeRosch, Thomas Matthews, Hunter Hermes and Nicholas Lyons.

Orange: Connor Helsel, Caiden Helsel and Alina Nelson.

Blue Lightning: Ryker Paulsen.

Athletic Maroon: Joey Provost, Pavel McCutcheon, Bodi Bennett, Lucas Parkkonen, Isabelle Niemi.

Red Hot Lava: Charlie Hrodey and Kailyn Tadiello.

Lime: Blayne LaCosse and Derek McEachern.

Information compiled by Senior Sports Writer Craig Remsburg and Sports Editor Steve Brownlee.