Clement, Schuiling notable winners

MARQUETTE – Fifty-one riders competed in 12 motos at the Marquette BMX track on July 22.

Ella Clement, 6, of Marquette picked up her first win in the 6 Novice class. In addition, Caleb Schuiling won Cruiser, Class Bike and Pit Bike races.

Top finishers, with winnes listed in front, are as follows:

26-30 Cruiser: Caleb Schuiling, Jon Spencer and Michele Basal

5 & Under Novice: Luc Gervais, Talon Goodwin and Evan Simon

6 Novice: Ella Clement, Max Lackey and Trent Lorens

8 Novice: James Newman, Keegan Black and Riley Hoban

10 Novice: Bryce Buchbinder, Ashlan Hanson and Nicholas Singer

7 Intermediate: Samuel Dehlin, Ava Stern and Cade Kruhak

9 Intermediate: Lucas Basal, TJ Magnuson and Chase Waters

19-27 Intermediate: Caleb Schuiling, Emma Niemi and Josh Phillips

12 Expert: Noah Lajoie, Andrew Niemi and Wyatt Clement

15 Expert: Alex Niemi, Skylar Fortin and Van Ouellette-Ballas

Pit Bike 1: Noah LaJoie, Lucas Basal and Luc Gervais

Pit Bike2: Caleb Schuiling, Alex Niemi and Amiya Trombley

Information compiled by Senior Sports Writer Craig Remsburg.