Red wins U14 coed playoff title

MARQUETTE – A 4-2 win over the Royals gave the Wilderness Sports Red team the Superiorland Soccer Association Under-14 coed division playoff championship on Sunday.

Trent Sweeney led the way with two goals, while Mason Hemmila and Nathan Ostlund added one each. The Royals got markers from Julien Malherbe and Colin Gaffney.

On the previous afternoon, the Cardinals beat the Maize Runners, 4-0, behind two goals by Noah Shevy, and one apiece from Olivia Arnsten and Madeline Milkey.

The Royals beat Athletic Heather, 5-2. Gaffney notched four goals and Malherbe one for the winners, while Cooper Smith posted two goals for Athletic Heather.

The Reds blanked the Green Beans, 7-0, behind three markers by Ostlund. Teammates Desirae Fernandes and Sweeney chipped in two goals each.

The Smashing Pumpkins and Lime played to a 2-2 tie. Alexis Tierrablanca and Sydney Kivi scored for Lime; Ryan Swaty and Clare Belkowski tallied for the Smashing Pumpkins.

In Saturday morning’s games, the Royals beat the Cardinals, 3-0, as Gaffney turned in two goals and Malherbe one.

The Maize Runners beat Athletic Heather, 7-4. Ander Sorenson poured in six goals and Ella Uren one for the Maize Runners; Gregory O’Hagan scored twice and Kalyn Betts and Smith once each for Athletic Heather.

The Red team blanked Lime, 7-0, with Fernandes and Andrew Olender scoring two goals each, and Hemmila, Ostlund, and Corey Sansom contributing one apiece.

The Green Beans beat the Smashing Pumpkins 4-0, behind four markers by Jaden Wrobel.

U10 coed

Quicksand beat Soccer Nation, 5-0, for the divisional playoff championship.

Tommy Blemberg and Caden Bouws scored for the winners.

Round 1 goal scorers in the tournament are as follows:

Quicksand: Isabella Lorens, Bouws and Blemberg.

Yellow: Peyton Mahoski.

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Jack Burzynski, Brett LaBelle and Riley Dickerson.

Green Jalapenos: Alexander Schlemm, Easton Miller and Kristofer Martinez.

Sapphire: Jace Moore, Isaac Johnson and Hunter Brugman.

Green Gators: Brennen Schwemin

Soccer Nation: Brayden Grange, Dylan King and Christian Radcliffe.

Scorers for Round 2:

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Burzynski, Andrew Mathie and Dickerson.

Soccer Nation: Grange, Jack Helgren, King, Peter Closner, Hannah Sall and Halle Paternoster.

Sapphire: Philip Nelson.

Green Gators: Gideon Bell, Quinn Kerekes asnd Schwemin.

Quicksand: Lorens, Bouws, Blemberg, Brennah Dawson and Mathew Marra.

U10 girls

These are the scorers in recent games:

Grey Tornadoes: Ellasyn Jones

Pink Panther Explosion: Hannah Goodwin and Olivia McMahon

The Yellowjackets: Tessa Standerford, Emily Gauthier, Mara Sorenson, Jordan Enright and Katelyn Randal

Royal Champions: Emma Sanderson-Torres, Hollyann Ziegenhorn, Baux Truckey, Addie Ollila and Lilly Ann Glass

Red: Elizabeth Chu, Hannah Bleckiner, Abigail Luke, Emma Schramm and Josie Truckey

Pink Fireworks: Katelyn Dunleavy and Madison Spencer

Information compiled by Senior Sports Writer Craig Remsburg. He can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 251.