Sands crowns weekly, midseason champs

SANDS – Drivers took to the Sands Speedway track for competition on Saturday.

Fastest times were turned in by Kyle McMahon in Purestock, 17.874 seconds; Ross Olsen Jr., in 4-Cylinder Modified, 17.125; Ross Olsen Sr., in Super Stock, 16.377; and Darryl Britton in Late Model, 15.008.

Here are the top finishers, five were available, in each race, listed from first on down:

Purestock – Heat: Gage Nutt, Collin Cavin, Joe Holm, McMahon and Wayne Goodwin. Feature: Nutt, Holm, Cavin, Goodwin and McMahon.

4-Cylinder Modified – Heat: Ross Olsen Jr., Wyatt Goodwin, Jeremy Yelle and John Holliday. Feature: Olsen, Goodwin, Yelle and Holliday.

Super Stock – Heat 1: Shane Miller, Ray Keskimaki, Steve Pepin, Jeff Solomon and Terry Royer. Heat 2: Darryl Wirkula, Stan Wittler, Chris Lucas, Kathie Waselesky and Ross Olsen, Sr. Feature: Miller, Wittler, Wirkula, Lucas and Waselesky.

Late Model – Heat 1: Putch Bentley, Pete Polini, Scott St. Aubin, Mike D’Angelo and Larry Peterson. Heat 2: Rob Goodwin, Britton, Jason Stanaway, Jimmy Yelle (alternate driver for Allan Yelle) and Gary McAuliffe. Feature: McAuliffe, Yelle, Britton, Goodwin and Polini.

Information compiled by Senior Sports Writer Craig Remsburg. He can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 251.