Parlato repeats 2012 feat

K.I. SAWYER – Red Fox Run general manager Geno Parlato doesn’t just run his golf course – he knows it like the back of his hand.

At least on No. 4 he does.

Nearly two years ago, on July 24, 2012, while playing a round of golf, Parlato told his grounds crew to watch a shot he took at the fourth hole, saying he was going to get a hole-in-one.

He did.

Now two years later on Monday, Parlato went out for a round with a childhood friend and his wife, Dave and Mary White of Kansas City, Mo., and reportedly told them that story.

When they reached No. 4, what did Parlato do? Ace it again.

This is Parlato’s third ace at the course, though Red Fox Run pro Dennis Kargela didn’t know if Parlato has any more at other courses. It is also the second hole-in-one at the course this season.

This time around, Parlato played off the white tees, making the hole 90 yards long where he used a pitching wedge.