Police Log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.


– 5:08 p.m., lockout, 200 block of S. Fifth Street

– 5:28 p.m., disorderly intoxicated female; parties spoken to, 1000 block of W. Ridge Street

– 6:01 p.m., runaway; subject returned, 200 block of Wright Street

– 6:16 p.m., disorderly intoxicated female; woman advised she would stay in own apartment, 1000 block of W. Ridge Street

– 6:47 p.m., two runaways; subjects returned when officer was taking info, 200 block of Wright Street

– 7:20 p.m., well-being check; all OK, caller advised, 1000 block of Champion Street

– 7:30 p.m., dog bite, 500 block of Northland Drive

– 7:34 p.m., well-being check on homeless subject; subject had been picked up by unknown party, 1100 block of Champion

– 10 p.m., runaway; located and brought back, nothing further requested, 200 block of Wright Street

– 9:54 p.m., lockout; assistance given, 100 block of E. Ridge Street

– 11:51 p.m., fireworks; unable to locate, south beach


– 12:06 a.m., EMS assist with intoxicated subject, 1100 block of Waldo Street

– 12:35 a.m., loud noise; warned, 600 block of N. Fourth Street

– 2 a.m., intoxicated disorderly subject removed from business; subject issued trespass letter and released, 100 block of W. Washington Street

– 2:37 a.m., intoxicated subject passed out in building; subject woken up and escorted from the building, 100 block of W. Washington Street

– 3 a.m., traffic stop on possible operating while intoxicated; no problems, employee going to work, 500 block of W. College Avenue

– 3:56 a.m., lockout; vehicle opened, 3200 block of W. U.S. 41

– 3:58 a.m., burglar alarm; building secure, 3500 block of W. U.S. 41

– 4:45 a.m., fight in progress, four to five people involved; no fight, subjects arguing, dispersed as officers arrived, 100 block of W. Michigan Street

– 7:58 a.m., lockout; open, 1300 block of W. Ridge Street

– 8:49 a.m., domestic assault; verbal only, 400 block of W. Fair Avenue

– 11:26 a.m., assistance locating son, 400 block of Oak Street

– 11:30 a.m., fail to pay for food, 500 block of N. Third Street

– 11:40 a.m., three small children playing on road unsupervised, 2200 block of Wilkinson Avenue

– 3:01 p.m., possible domestic; no assault, parties separated, 2200 block of Presque Isle Avenue

– 4:02 p.m., fail to pay for food, 500 block of N. Third Street

– 5:18 p.m., damaged property, 1700 block of Norwood Street

– 5:19 p.m., property damage non-traffic accident; property damage in parking lot of business, 400 block of N. Third Street

– 6:10 p.m., dog at large; taken to UPAWS, 900 block of S. Lake Street

– 6:20 p.m., disorderly tenant, 700 block of Homestead Street

– 7:15 p.m., damaged property, top of tree fell on vehicle, 2100 block of Sugarloaf Avenue

– 10:07 p.m., hit and run property damage accident; suspect vehicle located and towed, 200 block of W. Nicolet Street

– 10:15 p.m., barking dog; no one home, business card left on door, 100 block of W. Prospect Street

– 10:40 p.m., vehicle lockout; opened, first block of Peter White Drive,

– 10:48 p.m., open burning; fire had already been put out, advised of open burning rules, 300 block of Alger Street


– 2:16 a.m., fireworks; warned, 500 block of Summit Street