Wandering bull moose draws many onlookers

FREDA – A lone moose has been wandering the fields and roads of Stanton Township for the past few weeks, dozens of miles from the closest known moose concentration in Baraga County.

The moose was seen and photographed on Walstrom Road, near the corner of Harma and Coles Creek Roads, and from Liminga Road around the Fourth of July weekend. There have also been unconfirmed reports of more recent sightings and moose droppings near Oscar, along the Houghton Canal.

Tom Rautio spotted the moose July 7 from the front porch of a family farm on Walstrom Road, and his sister-in-law Faye Rautio saw the moose through a bedroom window before the moose wandered out of the yard and into the trees.

“There was nothing going on, and all of a sudden, there he was,” Tom said. “He was in the yard probably five minutes or better.”

The moose meandered around to the rear of the house, and that’s where Faye had her close encounter.

“He was looking right at me in the window,” she said. “I was standing right there, maybe three or four feet away. He had no fear.”

“He wasn’t a little one,” added Faye’s husband Cliff, who snapped a photo of the moose mostly filling the window, the bottom of which was located nearly five feet off the ground.