Expert BMX riders nab victories

MARQUETTE – On a chilly night July 15, three Expert BMX riders picked up wins on the Marquette track.

They were Ava Stern, Lucas Basal and Michael Noble.

Also, Noah Lajoie continued his dominance of the Pit Bike class with another win.

Race results were:

5 & Under Novice: Luc Gervais, Evan Simon and Ella Nottle.

9 Novice: Ashlan Hanson, James Newman and Isaiah Rasmussen.

7 Intermediate: Ava Stern, Cade Kruhak and Spencer Brunet.

9 Intermediate: Lucas Basal, T J Magnuson and Chase Waters.

11 Intermediate: Wyatt Clement, Amiya Trombley and Nicholas Singer.

14 Intermediate: Van Ouellette-Ballas, Andrew Niemi and Noah Lajoie.

17-18 Intermediate: Michael Noble, Alex Niemi and Skylar Fortin.

13 & Under Pit Bike: Noah Lajoie, Lucas Basal and Amiya Trombley.

Information compiled by Senior Sports Writer Craig Remsburg. He can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 251.