Riders return to Marquette BMX track

MARQUETTE – After a July 4 holiday break, the Marquette BMX track returned to action with a race sponsored by Quik Stop Bike Shop.

Andrew Niemi 12, picked up his 20th Intermediate win, which vaults him into the Expert class.

Mason Mottonen 5, and Ashlan Hanson 9, recorded their first victories in the 5 & Under Novice, and 9 Novice classes, respectively.

A special open race was held for older riders. Michael Noble, 20, won that event.

Race results were as follows:

4 Strider: Kaden Ruokola and Story Worth.

26-30 Cruiser: Philip Ott, Caleb Schuiling and Anders Tvedten.

41-45 Cruiser: Brett Kincaid, Shannon Black and Jon Spencer.

5 & Under Novice: Mason Mottonen, Travis Link and Evan Simon.

6 Novice: Austin Lacosse, Mason Lautenschlager and Lucas Belkowski.

7 Novice: James Newman, Mason Aldrich and Riley Hiban.

9 Novice: Ashlan Hanson, Brian Belkowski and Keegan Black.

10 Novice: Amiya Trombley, Bryce Buchbinder and Dominic Coughlin.

7 Intermediate: Samuel Dehlin, Ava Stern and Cade Kruhak.

9 Intermediate: Lucas Basal, T J Magnuson and Chase Waters.

13 Intermediate: Andrew Niemi, Noah Lajoie and Peter Ruokola.

16 Expert: Forest Luke, Alex Niemi and Van Ouellette-Ballas.

19-27 Expert: Michael Noble, Emma Niemi and David Niemi.

Special open: Michael Noble, Forest Luke and Alex Niemi.

Information compiled by Senior Sports Writer Craig Remsburg. He can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 251, or via email at