Daughter shows signs of OCD

Dear Annie: My wife and I are a little concerned about our 30-year-old daughter, “Amber.” Every day, she spends an hour brushing her teeth and five full minutes washing her hands and then rechecks the same things about five times.

Amber says she can’t control it and it’s hard to stop. This has been going on for a little over a year. Is this anything to be concerned about? Is this just the way she is? Any advice would be great. – Concerned Parents

Dear Parents: Repetitive behaviors like this are obsessive-compulsive disorders. They are not uncommon. However, OCD behaviors can become worse over time, and it helps to get treatment as soon as possible. You or Amber can contact the International OCD Foundation (ocfoundation.org) for more information and referrals to therapists who specialize in dealing with this problem. We’ll be thinking of you.

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