Many thanks given

To the Journal editor:

Now that I’ve had a chance to exhale from our most recent school year, on behalf of the Gwinn Athletic Department, I’d like to pass along a huge thank you to our amazing community.

First, local businesses jump started our school year by donating more then $35,000 to the athletic department.

This allowed us the opportunity to enhance our athletic facilities, provide off-season training, purchase uniforms and general supplies, provide participation scholarships and offer numerous special events.

It also gave us the chance to continue to provide athletic transportation instead of forcing our district to possibly make some extremely difficult decisions.

Secondly, I want to thank our amazing sports boosters and the volunteers they coordinated for every athletic event and fundraiser. The amount of time and energy that you put into each event is humbling. You are definitely proud Modeltowners!

For these reasons and many more I am thankful that Gwinn supports athletics to the amazing extent that it does.

Our future is bright as long as we continue to demonstrate this level of teamwork and desire to Dare 2B great!

Rob Soyring, athletic director

Gwinn Area Community Schools