Church is truth

To the Journal editor:

Eons ago, God published a manual for all of life, including the church and marriage. It is called the Bible, and in it God lays out His Truthful intention regarding marriage. I have yet to see any reference to that teaching in the latest local marriage controversy.

The church is not a social organization subject to the whims of society; it is the Body of Christ. When Jesus said, “I will build my Church,” he left no room for diminishing it, imperfect though she may be.

And regardless of seemingly sophisticated arguments to the contrary, marginalizing God ultimately happens only in our minds.

There will be a day when we all stand before God and among the questions we may be asked are these: “What did you do with my truth? How did you treat my church?” The Truth confronting us at that point will be that living in terms of now rather than in light of eternity has truly eternal consequences.

Like it or not, the book is his, the truth is his, and he also has the last word.

Are we listening?

Chuck Tooman