Only GOP there

To the Journal editor:

What’s wrong with the Tea Party? The Tea Party is full of bellicose, belligerent bullies, who are trying to impose their agenda on the rest of the country.

There actually is not a Tea Party, there is only the GOP. The so-called Tea Party and their billionaire paymasters have driven all conservatives further right. The Republican party and their conservative policies are responsible for the mess this country is in.

Their policies are responsible for the decline of the middle class and the gross income inequality we see today. We as a country need a robust middle class to have a viable economy,we don’t have that with conservative policies.

Their trickle down economic policies do not trickle down, they geyser up.

The right wing conservatives are virtually all hypocrites. They are constantly claiming their constitutional rights are being violated,while working as hard as they possibly can to deny the rights of others.

They ignore their constitutional duties.

Our elected officials have a duty to “meet, debate and come to a compromise”on issues to advance the interests of all. Not much of that coming from the right.

They also have a duty to facilitate the implementation of duly passed legislation,such as the Affordable Care Act. How are they doing on that?

Today’s conservatives are anti-science,anti-fact automatons fueled by corporate greed. They lap up every syllable uttered by their heroes,the well financed mouthpieces of right wing talk radio.

They ignore the scientific studies that prove global warming.They willfully confuse weather and climate.

As for voter I.D. fraud,a recent study has found just 10 cases of willful fraud since 2000.Ten cases out how many votes? How many elections? There is no rampant fraud, as the GOP would have you believe.

A recent court ruling found that new laws passed by conservatives were blatantly directed at voter suppression. When your ideas and agenda suck, cheat.

These are but some of what’s wrong with the so called Tea Party.

To paraphrase Rush,’these people are the no information voters.” We need to wake up and remove these people from positions of power.

It is important for all of our futures. November is coming, for a democratic government vote Democrat.

Finally, Wisconsin conservative recently indicted for voting 13 times for Scott Walker. Voter ID laws couldn’t stop this.

Jeff Prusi