Eagle and Dr. Dan

To the Journal editor:

Originally, when I first heard of the Eagle Mine coming to the area I was concerned about the long term environmental impact the mine would have.

I was present when the tribes were camping out and voicing their concerns of a more religious nature. We spent the day discussing the important issues and possible solutions over the sacred area. My voice told me the middle ground. The mine was coming.

Let’s do our best to get the right safety protocols in place for success. I believe this process to be one of the most competent in American Mining history. We are a mining community and we have seen the impact.

The Eagle Mine is doing an excellent job for our area and I am impressed which reflects positively as I was an opponent based on the environmental concern.

I now have watched enough to know Lundin Mining is a long term asset to the area because many of my local friends are prospering.

However, I have recently become more concerned with the heavy handedness of the EPA. I urge them to find the middle ground with this mine and the ones coming after it. Let the Upper Peninsula have a return to prosperity. Only when we have an opinion over our resources, can we maintain our Superior lifestyle.

I implore you to vote for one of our own Upper Peninsula residents, U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek, R-Crystal Falls. I have personally watched him fight for my friends’ livelihood by supporting these jobs and working to boost the economy.

Benishek’s direction doesn’t stop there however, as he also keeps the interests of the environmental community in mind. I ask that you line up with him at the polls Aug. 4 in the primaries and again in November. He is a Yooper for the Yoopers.

Dr. Dan Benishek in Congress means jobs in 2014 and for years to come.

Richard L. Pascoe III