Come to ‘The Other Side of the Tracks’

MARQUETTE – The Marquette Regional History Center presents: “The Other Side of the Tracks” at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Those wishing to take part should meet in the center’s Green Space.

Jim Koski will offer a colorful walking tour. “The Other Side of the Tracks” takes tour participants on a stroll through the History Center’s neighborhood, the south part of downtown Marquette.

The area centered around Baraga Avenue and Spring Street was originally the heart of a new town, but as Marquette grew, the neighborhood fell onto hard times.

During the tour, participants will find out about the area’s glory days, how it fell out of favor and came to be known as “the other side of the tracks.”

$5 is the suggested donation. Visit or call 226-3571 for more information.