Great experience

To the Journal editor:

I was a volunteer along with some other special people, Mike McKeen and Ed Gudewicz, trying to make the second bike rodeo held at the St. Francis Connection at Sawyer June 28 a success.

Ed and I got lucky and were able to to fix up a few bikes. A lunch was served and prizes were given to each child that was there. Four bikes donated by St. Francis Connection Center, the Sawyer Watch Community Center and several area businesses from Little Lake and Gwinn were given away in a drawing.

My day was made when 12-year-old Keelie Brooks won a nice girls bike and she never hesitated to give the bike to her friend who had a bike that was not in the best condition.

I told Keelie how special she is and that God has a special place in his heart for her. It was quite emotional to me and awesome to see there are great things happening in this world.

Great job Keelie!

Mitch Lazeren