Pay it forward

To the Journal editor:

Last winter was one of the coldest in recent memory. I saw a young man hitch hiking on M-28.

I’ve gotten out of the habit of picking up hitch hikers, but I couldn’t pass this time. Eric told me his car broke down and just needed a ride into Harvey where he had another vehicle.

I drove him to the trailer park next to Family Dollar. It wasn’t out of my way (I was heading into Marquette anyway) and I was glad to help the guy out.

Five months later, I have a letter in my mailbox addressed, “Resident.” Inside was a short note from Eric thanking me for helping him out and a gift certificate to Casa Calabria! I was speechless – and anyone who knows me!

Eric, I hope we meet again. A small favor on my part, rewarded by your thankfulness, will forever be in my memory. Eric, thank you. It was not necessary but it tells me good people still appreciate what others do for them.

I hope I can always give back to those who’ve helped me along the way.

Robert S. Mercure