Police Log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.


– 3:15 p.m., cell phone found; owner contacted and picked up phone, Fisher and South Fourth streets

– 3:18 p.m., disorderly conduct, report of fight; subjects left on arrival, Sixth and Bluff streets

– 3:46 p.m., motor vehicle lockout; assistance given, 300 block of East Michigan Street

– 3:54 p.m., umbrella found; placed in lost and found, 300 block of West Baraga Avenue

– 4:04 p.m., property-damage accident; report taken, Seymour Avenue and Ridge Streets

– 4:57 p.m., parking complaint; gone on arrival, 200 block of Lakeshore Avenue

– 5 p.m., dog found; reunited with owner, We Energies plant

– 8:03 p.m., well-being check on infant; residents reported to be smoking marijuana; report taken, 100 block of West Arch Street

– 6:25 p.m., parking violation; citation issued, 400 block of North Third Street

– 6:59 p.m., disorderly conduct; loud music; report taken, 2000 block of Wilkinson Avenue

– 7:07 p.m., driving with license suspended; released on PR bond, 400 block of West Wright Street

– 8:02 p.m., dog for pick-up; citation issued, taken to shelter, 100 block of Lakeshore Boulevard

– 8:08 p.m., drunkenness in roadway; subject being picked up by friends, 1800 block of Division Street

– 8:10 p.m., disorderly conduct; drunkenness; subjected walked home, 1000 block of Ridge Street

– 8:16 p.m., assisted EMS with subject on bicycle who struck a tree; bike left with NMU security, 500 block of Lakeshore Avenue

– 8:26 p.m., disorderly conduct; subject in street lighting fireworks; gone on arrival, 1300 block of Pine Street

– 8:36 p.m., property-damage accident; report taken, 300 block of Harrison Street

– 8:49 p.m., vehicle obstructing driveway; vehicle cited, Coast Guard station

– 9:11 p.m., drunk subject; report taken, 200 block of Lakeshore Avenue

– 9:25 p.m., drunk subject in traffic; unable to locate, 100 block of North Front Street

– 9:36 p.m., private-parking violation; was relative’s vehicle, 900 block of Champion Street

– 9:48 p.m., domestic assault; report taken, 500 block of Ridge Street

– 10:03 p.m., vehicles parked in handicapped zones without permit; one vehicle cited, 200 block of West Spring Street

– 11 p.m., hit-and-run accident; report taken, 500 block of Lakeshore Boulevard

– 11:16 p.m., disorderly subject being held down by citizen; no charges, subject transported to hospital, 100 block of Lakeshore Boulevard

– 11:56 p.m., disorderly conduct; loud noise; quiet when officers were dispatched, 1800 block of Van Evera Avenue

– 11:56 p.m., disorderly conduct; fireworks; located and warned, 200 block of Blemhuber Avenue

– 11:57 p.m., three-vehicle property-damage accident; report taken, 100 block of West Washington Street