Church rules known

To the Journal editor:

Over a decade ago the Episcopal Church ordained Gene Robinson as bishop. He was openly gay. This and that church’s view on abortion, gay marriage and the ordination of women cause a conflict within that church. People left that church because of its liberal theology.

In Pennsylvania, a Methodist pastor was defrocked for preforming a same-sex marriage. I’ve known Protestant pastors who have been removed, because they married a divorced woman with issues and another one who was removed because his congregation thought he was to liberal.

There have been students in Christian schools not allowed to participate in school activities because of things in their personal life. Liberal theology has caused disagreements in mainstream Protestantism. Some Protestant church’s change because of popular demand.

The Catholic Church does not change because of what society accepts and nor should she. The liberal theology is not Just a Catholic issue. Same-sex marriage is going to be a challenge for many churches in the next decades. It is not going to be easy or popular in these churches.

When Bobby Brown entered the Catholic Church, he should have known its teachings.

When Mr. Brown knew he was going to commit to his partner he had to have known he was going to be in conflict with his church. If this was going to be a problem for him he should of just left the church and made it a personal choice.

One could be led believe that there is an agenda once the media got involved. If this would of happened in a Protestant church it wouldn’t have been that newsworthy.

Every time the Catholic church is in the news, positive or negative, the anti-Catholicism comes out. The comments in social media are very bias. Sadly, most people who make these comments know nothing about the Catholic church other than hot button issues.

There is a quote, “There is only about a 100 people who hate the Catholic church, but there are thousands who hate what they think is the Catholic Church.”

No religion is perfect. Even atheism has its faults.

Mark Sadak