Big hitters shine at WHS tourney

ISHPEMING TOWNSHIP – Action continued on Thursday evening in the Westwood High School Alumni Softball Tournament.

At Sunnyside, White Division play began with the Class of 1995 defeating 1996, 12-8. For 1995, Moose Hewitt and Christy Connors each went 3 for 4, while Cory Frisk led 1996, also hitting 3 for 4.

In the second game, 1992 rolled over 2001, 12-4, with Chad Manley recording three multiple base hits for 1992.

In the nightcap, 1998 slipped past 1991, 14-12, in a slugfest. Amy Coduti drove in three runs for 1998. It was one more than her teammate, Jeremy Steele. Jeff Maynard had a three-run out-of-the-park homer for 1991.

At Clarksburg, 1994 beat 2000, 8-3. Dan Mason hit a home run and a triple for the victors.

In the second game, Brandi Carlson and Nikki Nuorala led 1997 over the Class of 1989, 14-2.

In the sole Red Division contest of the night, 1988 defeated 1984, 7-4. For 1988, Dan Carlson had two singles while Jeff Wood and Steve Moyle both had a double and a single.

On Friday at Sunnyside Field, the Classes 1978/79/80 beat 1981/82/83, 20-2. For 78/79/80, Dennis Nault had an out-of-park home run, and Dan Chapman, Terry Frisk and Dennis Nault were each 5-for-5 batting. For 81/82/83, Cheri Maki went 3-for-3.

The Class of 1986 topped 1975/76/77, 14-3. EJ Kostrevo had a home run and was 4 for 5, and Brian Syrjala and Dean Stetson went 5 for 5 for 1986.

The Class of 2006 took out 2004, 17-4. Steve Hintsala had an over-the-fence home run for 2006.

The Class of 2003 edged 2009, 9-7. Dane Arpiainen, Dave Bess (2), and Joe Steele all homered for 2003. Rob Hegman had a home run for 2009.

At Clarksburg Field on Friday, 1987 beat 1985, 12-11. For 1987, Julie Talbacka and Jeff Larson each were 3 for 3. For 1985, Ray Carlson had a triple and a home run.

The Class of 2008 topped 2014, 9-8. Chris Steele went 3 for 4 for 2008. Lizzy Dauphinais VanBuren had a double and a triple for 2014.

The Class of 2011 topped 2007, 5-4. Alyssa Chapman and Jake Burton both went 3 for 3 to lead 2011. Kirk Hooper had three singles for 2007.

In the tournament’s first quarterfinal, 1995 advanced in a win over 1994, 9-4. Kevin Hamel went 2 for 3 for 1995.

Games will be held all day today, with finals on Sunday at Sunnyside. The Red Division final begins at 11:15 a.m., White Division final at 12:30 p.m., and Blue Division at 1:45 p.m. The Champion vs. National Mine game will begin the day at 10 a.m.