Piereson thanked

To the Journal editor:

On behalf of the Gwinn Board of Education, I would like to publicly extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr. Stephen Piereson, who was hired as our interim superintendent for the 2013-14 fiscal year.

We want him to know how we have appreciated all of his efforts displayed on behalf of the board, students and staff. His service to our District ended on June 30.

He came to our district during a difficult time – closure of an elementary school; financial problems; and the unexpected resignation of our superintendent.

Beginning last August, he initiated a project involving parents, residents, teachers, support staff, students and the board, which began the process to chart the district’s direction and priorities.

As a result of his efforts, a plan entitled “Modeltowners I” was developed and adopted by the Board in February. The strategic planning process and the goals adopted by the Board will be the foundation for sustaining the Gwinn Area Community Schools as an exemplary educational institution recognized for its excellence in teaching, learning, diversity and extra-curricular programs.

Thank you.

Gloria Bigelow, president

Gwinn Board of Education