Police Log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.


– 2:04 a.m., alarm; set off by hockey coach, 400 block of E. Fair Avenue

– 2:24 a.m., unknown subject kicked over recycling bin, glass all over the street; glass swept up by patrol, 200 block of N. Third Street

– 2:27 a.m., subject in gold vehicle passed out behind the driver’s wheel in drive thru spot No. 1; subject arrested for operating while intoxicated, 1100 block of W. Washington street

– 3:32 a.m., unknown intoxicated male subject stopped at business, dropped pills on the floor as he left; one pill retrieved and disposed in drug bin, 900 block of W. Washington Street

– 4:10 a.m., larceny of a bike, 800 block of Lincoln Street

– 5:04 a.m., male subject hitch-hiking; subject transported to Harvey, 1000 block of S. Front Street

– 9:19 a.m., Internet fraud, 1900 block of Freedom Drive

– 9:29 a.m., vehicle parked in private space in way of construction; moved; warning issued, 400 block of North Third Street

– 9:58 a.m., vehicle left on street; parking for days, 1200 block of Second Street

– 10:04 a.m., assistance requested for removal of skunk in trap, 1200 block of Second Street

– 11:09 a.m., skunk in garage; trap set, 900 block of West Magnetic

– 12:11 p.m., found bicycle, 100 block of South Fifth St.

– 12:17 p.m., animal in trap, 1200 block of North Second Street

– 12:30 p.m., harassment; suspect contacted and advised to have no further contact, 200 block of West Spring Street

– 12:35 p.m., walkaway; located, 1800 block of Wright Street

– 12:56 p.m., blocked driveway; ticket issued, 300 block of West Bluff Street

– 12:57 p.m., vehicle parked in private space; ticket issued, 100 block of South Front Street

– 12:58 p.m., feeding pigeons; advised to stop, 500 block of Hillside

– 2:21 p.m., pedestrians walking in the roadway instead of using the sidewalk; causing a traffic hazard, 300 block of Pine Street

– 2:40 p.m., vehicle parked in handicapped parking space; had tag, Lakeshore Boulevard

– 3:19 p.m., property damage accident, U.S. 41 and McClellan

– 3:37 p.m., assist with pick-up order, 100 block of West Michigan Street

– 3:54 p.m., fight reported; gone on arrival, 1700 block of Presque Isle Avenue

– 4:10 p.m., minor in possession, consumption of alcohol; ticket issued, 1000 block of North Third Street

– 4:10 p.m., furnishing alcohol to minors complaint; drug investigation, 1000 block of North Third Street

– 4:27 p.m., squatters in rental home; patrols backed up on calls; able to check on residence at 6:35 p.m.; no one had been in residence; caller advised, 400 block of West Baraga Avenue

– 4:35 p.m., vehicle lockout assistance, 1200 block of Wilson Street

– 5 p.m., report of a reckless driver, possible operating while intoxicated; bulletin issued, 400 block of South Seventh Street