Park Art event at Erickson Center

MARQUETTE – Last year, visitors from all over the Midwest made their way to the Erickson Center for the Arts to witness the inaugural Park Art.

The new tradition begun with an exhibit known as the “Peaceful People.”

More than 100 wooden figures stood tall next to the Center, dressed in traditional “Yooper” style clothing, inspired by the Finnish artist, Reijo Kela’s “Silent People.” While the exhibit caused outdoor traffic to come to a stop, it increased the walk-through traffic within the center.

“After receiving a great deal of positive feedback we decided to carry on this tradition as an annual exhibit,” said Kelly Chamberlin, ECA President, in a news release. “We hope it continues to draw visitors to stop and discover both the Center and the town.”

This year’s exhibit consists of two different themes. Wooden kite figures now stand where the Peaceful People once were. Throughout the yard visitors will also find trees and railings covered in yarn, otherwise known as “yarn bombing.”

The ECA hopes that the Park Art not only provides the Center with a cheery and colorful picture but that it also encourages community involvement. The past two years volunteers have worked together to create the art as well as brainstorm ideas for the next years exhibit.

The kites will stand next to the Center through Labor Day. They will then be sold as art at this year’s Art on the Lake, an ECA annual event, Aug. 30.