We never learn

To the Journal editor:

I have always liked a good laugh once in a while, so I started to collect funny T-shirts years ago. It is my way of coping with life when things aren’t so funny.

One T-shirt states, “I used to be a people person, but people ruined that for me.”

Such appears to be the case over the past week or so with the ignited firestorm over Bobby Glenn Brown and his tribulations with the Catholic church, or just certain self-righteous individuals in a specific parish in Marquette.

I once worked in the medical profession for many years and a wise old doctor once told me that opinions are like proctologists, every city of any size has more than one, if you ascertain my drift.

How sad that some people feel they have the right to tell others who they should love and whether or not they may profess their love publicly or not for that loved one.

This causes hurt feelings and dismay when there should be only joy and gladness. I am an imperfect being but I have learned a lot about myself over the past several decades, now that I am older and paying attention.

Supposedly from birth, we humans have been taught that God’s parish is everywhere and his blessed flock consists of everyone. No exclusions. Period. The Bible was crafted by human hands that supposedly took dictation straight from God. If God is truly love … it seems to me that down through the eons his message of unconditional love got lost in the translation.

In the depths of my soul I feel wounded and rubbed raw by this controversy.

I personally know and care about Bobby; he sang at my wedding and left an indelible memory of absolute love and peace when he sang.

Our world is the hand basket it is in already heading straight to hell due to hatred and bigotry, and time and time again we humans never learn.

Debra L. Linde