Three racers win twice at Sands

MARQUETTE – Joe Holm, Steve Pepin and Gary McAuliffe were double winners taking both a heat and the feature race during auto racing at Sands Speedway on June 28.

Holm pulled off his feat in the Purestock division, Pepin in Super Stock and McAuliffe in Late Model, though it was other racers who had the fastest times of the day – Brandon Strohm of 17.88 seconds in Purestock, Wyatt Goodwin with 17.233 in Modifieds, Ross Olsen Sr. of 16.328 in Super Stock and Darryl Britton with 15.068 in Late Model.

July 5 will be Kids Day, with Big Wheel races, a coloring contest, free ice cream and a chance to meet the driver on the track.

Here are the results:

Purestock – Heat: 1st, Joe Holm; 2nd, Brandon Strohm; 3rd, Kyle McMahon; 4th, Gage Nutt; 5th, Cory Carter; 6th, Collin Cavin; 7th, Joey Holm; 8th, James Fortin Jr. Feature: 1st, Joe Holm; 2nd, Cavin; 3rd, McMahon; 4th, Carter; 5th, Nutt; 6th, Strohm; 7th, Joey Holm; 8th, Fortin.

Modifieds – Heat: 1st, Frank Felster (substitute for Ross Olsen Jr.); 2nd, Jeremy Yelle; 3rd, Wyatt Goodwin; 4th, Todd Maki; 5th, John “Doc” Holliday; 6th, Billy Holliday. Feature: 1st, Yelle; 2nd, Goodwin; 3rd, Felster; 4th, Billy Holliday; 5th, Doc Holliday; 6th, Maki.

Super Stock – Heat 1: 1st, Ray Keskimaki; 2nd, Chris Lucas; 3rd, Stuart Maki; 4th, Bob Lewis; 5th, Jeff Solomon. Heat 2: 1st, Steve Pepin; 2nd, Darryl Wirkula; 3rd, Ross Olsen Sr.; 4th, Stan Wittler; 5th, Todd Yelle. Feature: 1st, Pepin; 2nd, Lucas; 3rd, Wittler; 4th, Wirkula; 5th, Olsen; 6th, Keskimaki; 7th, Solomon; 8th, Maki; 9th, Lewis; 10th, Yelle.

Late Model – Heat: 1st, Gary McAuliffe; 2nd, Rob Goodwin; 3rd, Darryl Britton; 4th, Allan Yelle; 5th, Kim Klitzke; 6th, Scott St. Aubin; 7th, Larry Peterson; 8th, Jason Stanaway. Feature: 1st, McAuliffe; 2nd, Yelle; 3rd, Goodwin; 4th, Klitzke; 5th, St. Aubin; 6th, Britton; 7th, Peterson.

Information compiled by Journal Sports Writer Steve Brownlee. His email address is