Change needed

The American idea I thought, was one of encompassing liberties driven by will and diverse dreams. Whether one feels his or her will divinely inspired (something of an innate nature), or solely their own (more of free will), what unites us is that we can think, dream, and act freely.

And the beauty of being American is having the religious freedoms to believe in the presence of a God, Gods, or lack there of, and one is supposed to retain his or her liberties.

Nevertheless, American hubris rages on under veils of crimson blankets spoiled of prejudice and pride. Will is broken, dreams torn, when two human beings’ liberty of marriage is not recognized. Love won’t be accepted as it was not in “His” decree; two souls of the same gender they say are “blasphemy.” It wasn’t written in the Garden of Eden scene. But, Lilith whispers fictions and contradictions, she and I kiss and say, “In the jungle of interpersonal relationships they never had that many syllables.”

I don’t know how much autonomy one has left to exercise in this nation. After terrorism, the threat of nuclear warfare, one’s civil liberties have been interjected, arguably so. But why should citizens’ rights be invalidated simply because who they slept with the night before? We live in America, not a strange world, far away.

Who are humans to say one cannot have a relationship with God just because one is gay? When America denies particular human beings liberties that only heterosexual married couples exclusively enjoy, such as marital benefits, status and acknowledgment of their unity and love, I wonder why Americans think and say, “Oh, how better we are!” than our foes across the seas?

Maybe some have forgotten the religious fervor this country was founded on, and its colonizers religious insecurities. Remember? Witch hunts? Those pious passions? The American Indian near-successful genocide? I wish “We The People” would invariably quit using God for a guise.

That hasn’t worked out so well in the past, and I believe the “American Idea” is alive.

So, please, give me one more cup of liberty and understand it is inhuman to persecute a her because she loves a she, and kindly do note the same for a he and a he.

Tara Channtelle Hill