‘Ungodly’ actions

To the Journal editor:

The Catholic Church, and religions in general, can be defined using very few words because of their “Ungodly” actions and dense dogma. Case in point: Bobby Glenn Brown.

Devotion to Christ’s teachings, cannot be elitist, exclusionary, judgmental or unaccepting. To embrace one of these sanctimonious deeds nullifies indisputably any claim to being a valid Christian church. Doing so relegates a religion to a non-relevant status in the eyes of God.

Such an action against Bobby Glenn Brown does just that. Christ never turned anyone away for any reason. Neither was such a right given to organized religions. Catholic or otherwise. It is for He and He alone, to make such judgments.

These are my defining words of organized religion, particularly the Vatican and hierarchy today: arrogant, discriminatory, overzealous, archaic, judgmental, elitist, political, extravagant and most definitively, hypocritical.

Religions were instituted by man. Thus, belonging to a “religion” is simply a choice. Belonging does not guarantee heaven. Belonging does not automatically make a person good.

Belonging does not automatically bring one closer to God. Nor does not belonging to one of innumerable self-serving religions make one less deserving in the eyes of God.

Today, organized religions are proving to be the epitome of self-righteousness and hypocrisy. The treatment of Bobby Glenn Brown substantiates this as fact. It’s so in our “religious” community. Hopefully not in our “faith” community.

Having faith, living without hatred, being non-judgmental and accepting all mankind as equal, is far more Godlike than this action by the Church. Faith and religion are two different animals. Faith being the greater of the two.

Keep your faith, Bobby and other gay Catholics, knowing that you are more precious in the eyes of Christ than those who arbitrarily judge with smug self-righteous acrimony.

We are all created equal in the eyes of Christ. You either believe this or you do not. If you do not, you cannot proclaim yourself a Christian no matter what your “standing” in the Church.

By the way, I welcome with open arms and respect all gay clergy and gay parishioners should they have the courage of Bobby Glenn Brown to out themselves. As Christians must.

I wonder if the Church will be as courageous in welcoming them equally, openly and without judgment? Time will tell and I pray it will.

Go with God’s blessings, Bobby.

Thom Richer