Police Log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.


– 5:07 p.m., 911 hang-up; all OK, 200 block of Whetstone Creek Drive

– 5:17 p.m., liquor violation, subjects with alcohol on beach, 500 block of Lakeshore Boulevard

– 6:47 p.m., two non-court-ordered walk-aways; subjects returned, 200 block of Wright Street

– 7:28 p.m., vehicle parked in fire lane; vehicle was moved, 1400 block of West Washington Street

– 9:14 p.m., assist police and security with patient, 500 block of West College Avenue

– 9:32 p.m., subjects on beach with alcohol; Peter White Drive

– 9:50 p.m., officer flagged down for an EMS assist, 900 block of Cleveland

– 9:51 p.m., possible domestic disturbance; no assault, just a verbal argument, 2200 block of Harlow

– 10:07 p.m., other agency warrant arrest, 2200 block of Longyear

– 10:17 p.m., dog was attacked by another dog; no injuries; owner of dog ticketed for dog at large, 400 block of Oak Street

– 10:33 p.m., fireworks complaint; area checked; gone on arrival, 500 block of Oak Street

– 11:15 p.m., subjects with large bonfire on the beach at McCarty’s Cove; subjects put fire out; warned, 600 block of East Michigan Street

– 11:42 p.m., identification check at bar; OK, 100 block of South Third Street


– 12:04 a.m., disorderly subject; subject spoken with; warned about his behavior, 900 block of North Third Street

– 2:44 a.m., possible open intoxicants violation; subjects warned, 100 block of South Third Street

– 4:09 a.m., passerby located a female subject crying and yelling that she was assaulted; female subject was very intoxicated; unable to give officers any help locating a possible suspect; no injuries, 100 block of West Spring Street

– 4:52 a.m., suspicious; caller saw front door to residence wide open and nobody around; contact made with homeowner; oversight; all is OK, 1800 block of Longyear

– 6:02 a.m., caller reports a male subject lying on the ground; intoxicated subject awakened and taken home, 100 block of East Michigan Street

– 8:08 a.m., assault, 1900 block of U.S. 41 West

– 9:41 a.m., lockout assistance, 1100 block of U.S. 41 West

– 9:56 a.m., larceny of a charcoal grill, 500 block of Harlow Street

– 10:54 a.m., alarm; false alarm, 200 block of South Front Street

– 11:57 a.m., private property; property damage accident; driver backed into a light pole; no damage to the pole, 600 block of West Spring Street

– 12:07 p.m., assist security, 500 block of West College Avenue

– 12:17 p.m., report of a subject sleeping outside the courthouse; subject moved along, 200 block of West Baraga Avenue

– 2:12 p.m., open door found by officer; all OK; building secure, 1100 block of West Ridge Street

– 3:14 p.m., lockout assistance, 100 block of North Sixth Street

– 5:45 p.m., intoxicated subject sleeping in flower bed; awakened and sent on way, 500 block of North Third Street

– 6:35 p.m., parking complaint; blocked hydrant; ticket issued, 200 block of West Washington Street

– 8:58 p.m., camper at Tourist Park using a torch; concerned if a fire hazard; subject advised to stop using it, 2100 block of Sugar Loaf Avenue

– 9:15 p.m., barking dog complaint; no one home; dog was barking; card left on door to call, 500 block of Spruce Street

– 10:05 p.m., failure to pay complaint; subject will return and pay, 900 block of West Washington Street

– 10:40 p.m., report of a subject with warrant out for arrest at address; subject gone on arrival, 100 block of Dobson Place


– 6:22 a.m., be on the lookout for an all-terrain vehicle on the bike path, 900 block of South Lake Street