Super Bowl numerals confusing

For one season, anyway, the NFL will get it right.

The league will be staging its 50th Super Bowl on Feb. 7, 2016, in San Francisco.

The NFL has been using Roman numerals to identify its Super Bowl contests since the fifth game in 1971. Someone with too much time on his hands must have thought Super Bowl V was way cooler than Super Bowl 5.

But the one in 2016 will be referred to as Super Bowl 50, NOT as Super Bowl L. Apparently, the marketing people like the 50 in the game’s official logo better than simply using the letter “L.”

The change is for one season only. The following year, the NFL plans to go back to using Roman numerals for Super Bowl 51 – or Super Bowl LI – for the game set for Houston in 2017.

That’s stupid. Why not keep it as Super Bowl 51? It may not look as cool or “sexy” as Super Bowl LI, but it won’t confuse a huge number of fans who will have no clue as to what number LI represents.

Did a majority of them know what Super Bowl XXVII was (27)? Or XLVIII (48)?

My personal favorite was Super Bowl XXX, which gave that game a sexy feel. When the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders appeared in the game, it made it even more titillating.

Perhaps I’m “dumbing down” the NFL’s audience too much. Maybe they’re more aware of what the Roman numerals represent than I give fans credit for.

Or perhaps this is a whole lot of nothing, a non-story that most fans could care less thinking about.

I still think it will take some getting used to – and create some confusion in the process – when the 59th Super Bowl is listed as LIX. Who’s going to readily know what those Roman numerals represent?

If I’m still around when Super Bowl LXXV (75) is played, it’s going to confuse the heck out of me trying to determine what those Roman numerals represent.

I guess I’ll have to rely on my two sons to tell me.

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