Mind our own biz

To the Journal editor:

I was all prepared to write a letter about why I think President Obama will go down as one of the best Presidents in U.S. history based on what he had to work with. I am currently listening to the House (Speaker) Rep. John Boehner and feel this is more important.

First I don’t care if every captive we are holding in Cuba was released to get our soldier back. I don’t care if before he walked off post he had fragged his commanding officer and first sergeant. In my opinion, anyone who feels we paid too much is anti-military. It is our number-one responsibility to get U.S. soldiers back, period!

Now a little information on why the U.S. should stop meddling in other country’s business. In my opinion one of the worse terms used in the U.S. is a superpower. Again in my opinion because of this term we have done some incredibly stupid things. Here are a few historical examples on how well U.S. foreign policy has worked!

In 1953, the U.S. and Great Britain over threw the democratically elected President of Iran and put the Shah in his place. Why you may ask. It is my opinion one word explains it- oil! I don’t know maybe the readers feel the U.S. has every right to interfere with other country’s government if it means U.S. companies will lose money. In this example how has it worked out?

In Korea, President Truman ignored his general and refused to win the conflict thereby creating two Koreas. Again the politicians of the day were unable or did not want to convince China they were only looking at Korea, even though the U.S. had just saved China from Japan in World War II. And how do you think this has worked out?

Wow. Vietnam what a catastrophe by our elected officials.

Currently we have given millions if not billions of dollars in military equipment to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Turkey, etc. And if things are so dire in this area of the world why aren’t the countries we have given all the military equipment to responsible to protect their own interest?

It is absolutely irresponsible for us to do more for these countries than what they would do for themselves.

Gary J. Guster