No end in sight?

To the Journal editor:

I agree completely with the recent letter submitted by Mr. Robert Whitaker in the June 11 Letters to the Editor’s column.

There are so many scandals going on in the White House now I think I’ve lost count. Let’s see, Fast and Furious, IRS (which allegedly was orchestrated by Michigan’s own Carl Levin), Benghazi, the Veteran’s Administration, the “You can even keep your own doctor” also known as Obamacare and now the exchange of one alleged armed forces deserter for five Gitmo detainees whose exchange was kept from the approval of Congress.

I’m sure I have probably inadvertently missed one (or two), and the way things are going there is apt to be another one within the next couple of weeks. Yes, I also watch and follow Fox News and believe they are the most trustworthy in their reporting of these scandals and keeping the public well informed of the daily events that occur in our nation’s capitol.

I agree that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have lost their ethics and need to go. I believe that it’s time for Mr. John Boehner to go also. I really have a hard time believing any politicians when by all appearances they just use their political office and influence for their own personal gain.

If the Founding Fathers of this country know what’s going on they are probably spinning like tops in their graves. And now, with the thought of Hillary Clinton making a possible run for the next presidential bid that just makes my skin crawl.

Is this ever going to end? I do feel strongly that the parties should be dissolved and people just run on the fact they want to make this a great, prosperous country again.

Not to see how many Democrats or Republicans can get elected. We the People can get this country back on track again, vote for who is the best most qualified and most sincere for getting the job done and not because they are a Democrat or Republican.

God bless the U.S.A.

Lisa Parker