Police Log

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following information is collected from Marquette City Police Department dispatch log books recorded at the time the calls were received. The incidents reported may have proven to be unfounded once police investigated. Some log entries may be edited or omitted due to space constraints.


– 7:36 a.m., cat in trap; belonged to neighbor, 300 block of East Park Street

– 9:51 a.m., heard what sounded like drunk woman yelling and glass breaking last night; window discovered broken, 400 block of Altamont Street

– 10:01 a.m., tall bald male wearing shorts pounding on vehicle with women sitting inside; verbal argument, 400 block of West Washington Street

– 10:18 a.m., non-sufficient fund checks; report taken, 300 block of West Baraga Avenue

– 11:22 a.m., lost dog; returned home, 100 block of East Kaye Avenue

– 11:40 a.m., found bicycle; disposed of bicycle, 500 block of West Washington Street

– 12:24 p.m., abandoned vehicle; warning issued, 100 block of West Spring Street

– 1:11 p.m., camper parked near cul de sac; appears someone staying in it; warning issued, 1000 block of West Baraga Avenue

– 2:25 p.m., property-damage accident; report taken, U.S. 41 and Washington Street

– 3:15 p.m., well-being check; advised of camping regulations in city, 1000 block of West Baraga Avenue

– 4:01 p.m., neighbor made rude comments; assistance given, Elder Drive

– 4:20 p.m., obstructing justice; warrant arrest; subject lodged, 500 block of West Bluff Street

– 4:24 p.m., disorderly conduct; indecent exposure report; warning issued, 800 block of South Lake Street

– 4:26 p.m., false alarm; employee contacted, 1900 block of West U.S. 41

– 4:45 p.m., flag stolen, 500 block of West Ridge Street

– 5 p.m., hit-and-run property-damage accident, 1100 block of West Washington Street

– 6:55 p.m., assault complaint, 200 block of Meeske Avenue

– 8:05 p.m., possession of marijuana; report taken, 500 block of Wright Street

– 9:11 p.m., disorderly subjects in vehicle reportedly threw objects, ice or sunflower seeds, at female rollerblader on bicycle path; officer tried to contact suspect driver; no charges to be pursued at this time, 1300 block of North Lakeshore Boulevard

– 11:20 p.m., missing person reported; person located, 500 block of North Front Street


– 12:10 a.m., loud noise complaint; warning issued, 600 block of North Fourth Street

– 12:40 a.m., loud noise/loud party complaint; renter cited for noise violation, 2000 block of Wilkinson Avenue

– 4:30 a.m., found cat; taken to shelter, 1800 block of Van Evera Avenue