It’s not me

To the Journal editor:

I don’t know if a letter to the editor is the appropriate approach, but I am hoping to use to The Mining Journal to help me with a problem.

Apparently my telephone number (475-4315) is being used to “spoof” people in this area and I’d like to make it stop.

I just received a call from someone local who asked me to stop calling her. She says my name and number show up on her caller ID and that the calls come repeatedly. She normally lets the calls go to voice mail and then deletes them. When she has picked up in the past, the call turns into telemarketing effort regarding saving money, etc.

I assured her I was home alone and had not called her or anyone else since last night. She says this has been going on for many weeks, not just today.

I called my carrier (AT&T) and they told me there is nothing they can do about it, but did tell me that in the industry this is called telephone “spoofing.”

Chris encouraged me to call the FCC at 1-888-225-5322. I then spoke with Sharon at the FCC and she said the only way they can do something is if the person who called me calls them and gives them their both their number and mine. They then will attempt to trace the call and do whatever is appropriate.

The woman who called me declined to give me her number and I do not have caller ID, so, if you are that person, or if you are having a similar problem, please call the FCC and initiate a claim.

I apologize, in advance, to anyone who is receiving solicitation calls from my number. It is not me.

Lynn Chevrette