BLP warning of phone scam

MARQUETTE – The Marquette Board of Light and Power executive director is warning area residents and business owners about a telephone scam in which the caller is pretending to be a BLP employee and asking for financial information.

“We’ve got a number of business, probably almost close to a dozen now, that have been hit with this,” said Paul Kitti. “They haven’t hit the residentials yet.”

Kitti said the caller says power will be shut off in 30 to 40 minutes if a bill is not paid immediately. The caller asks for a guaranteed cash transfer or other financial information.

Kitti said the BLP does not operate in that manner.

“It’s one of those things, we don’t conduct business that way,” Kitti said. “We just want to inform the public, do not make any arrangements over the phone with somebody purporting themselves to be from the BLP outside the area.”

Kitti said the caller’s phone number has been showing up as an “866” number.