Backing Land

To the Journal editor:

“My number one priority is Michigan jobs and that’s what I’m going to fight for,” said Terri Lynn Land while visiting Compatico, an office furniture manufacturer in Grand Rapids.

When elected to the U.S. Senate, Terri Lynn Land, a business owner herself, will push for policies that encourage a positive atmosphere for economic growth and job creation. Gary Peters, however, has already shown support for policies that hinder job growth and prevent less economic expansion.

The policies that Peters and President Obama have been supporting create a harsh environment for growth and development of business in Michigan.

If we want to see continued economic growth in Michigan, we need to elect someone who supports Michigan businesses and not someone who puts their own interests above those of the people.

Gary Peters would rather support policies that further his political career rather than those that would actually help Michigan gain more jobs. This is exactly why Michigan needs to elect Terri Lynn Land in the upcoming election.

Sean Bertolino Williamston