Summer has almost arrived, officially

Many of us might not be awake at the moment summer arrives: 6:51 a.m. EDT Saturday.

But we encourage everyone to be aware of the season’s arrival because before we are ready, it will be the first day of autumn.

Summer in the Upper Peninsula is an amazing time of year. Bright fragrant flowers, glistening waters, fluffy clouds and sunshine dappling leaves in the green forests abound. Daylight stretches well past 9 p.m. for a good chunk of the season.

After a brutal winter and a spring that saw icebergs lasting in Lake Superior through most of May, we hope everyone welcomes with glad hearts summer, at long, long last.

Just about every weekend, there is a festival or an event that provides fun and excitement in some Upper Peninsula community. Please take advantage of those opportunities as you are able.

But even more than that, we wish everyone some magical summer moments with family and friends, be it at the beach, near the backyard barbecue grill or on the porch on a hazy sweltering evening.

Those magical moments become memories that bring comfort on a cold winter’s night. They are, indeed, the stuff which makes a good life.

Therefore, indulge in that ice cream cone, stop by the diamond and watch some baseball, get out the Frisbee, go for a hike or just swing in a hammock.

Grab a bit of summer for yourself before the leaves turn golden and fall signals winter’s imminent, inevitable approach.