Great asset cited

To the Journal editor:

If you were not among the 126 folks that visited Ives Lake in the Huron Mountain Club June 8, you missed a wonderful opportunity. The event was hosted by the HMC and residents of Ives Lake.

The Marquette Regional History Center planned and conducted the outing and ticket sales helped raise money for the history center.

Before participating in this affair I knew a bit about the Huron Mountain Club and a bit about the early landlooker John Longyear. We have all heard about how he moved his 60-room mansion on East Ridge Street to Brookline, Massachusetts, where he had it rebuilt.

Well Sunday we learned so much more. Glacial origins of the Huron Mountains and lakes, discovery, logging, land acquisition and expansion of the Club property, floral and fauna history, the early attempt to establish a golf course. John Longyear, an incredible adventurer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. We explored his original home and heard about his early life. We learned about his orchards, dairy farm and work with government land agencies.

We met some of his ancestors who still live in the Marquette area.

The afternoon include a nature hike through some virgin timber and beautiful views of lakes and streams. The conclusion was capped by a scrumptious luncheon with food provided by Coco’s Restaurant and beverages from Everyday Wines of Marquette. These local businesses are supporting our history museum in wonderful ways.

What really impressed me was the lively and diverse group of history buffs who were in attendance. There were young and old, men and women from all over the U.P. There was a couple from Chicago and a lady from Washington, D.C. I drove in with a 60-year-young guy from Colorado who appeared on his motorcycle. It was great to see such terrific support for our History Center. It is a super asset to our community. If you weren’t there, you missed a good one.

Daniel Pearce