God knows best

To the Journal editor:

As a veteran of both the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Air Force, I’m really troubled by the story of the V.A. problems in different places in the country.

The V.A. clinic in Marquette and the V.A. Hospital in Iron Mountain do take good care of the veterans and the Jacobetti Home for Veterans has been really good for the vets.

There has been talk in Congress about letting veterans go to any hospital for treatment. That surely would help any of the U.S. vets that have to travel a ways to get treatment. I’m really glad those in the Senate and Congress are upset about what’s going on with care for a lot of vets.

Just remember when the call of duty comes, we who served and those now serving answered that call to go to war at times.

Also being sent to many places that are not so nice, hot, cold climates plus a long way from family for long periods of time.

It’s a shame people out there working for the V.A. are getting promotions and more money at the expense of the vets. They should be prosecuted and do jail or prison time.

I hope we get honesty and our moral values back in government. This country was founded on those principles. If we don’t it won’t be just the veterans but all people will be affected and could suffer from not doing the good we should be doing for all our citizens.

In conclusion, I would say the best way is the spiritual way. Follow the rules God intended for all of us. Love, respect, honesty and good moral character.

It sure helped me to change to be a better person.

William P. Maki