Soccer players score goals

Superiorland Soccer Association

U-10 coed soccer

Goal scorers in the division were:

The Green Gators: Ayden Beaudry, Kenneth Crum, Hunter Symbal, Breydon Gagnon and Gideon Bell.

The Yellow Team: Kaitlyn Williams and Tyler Sicotte.

Soccer Nation: Brayden Grange, Dylan King and Jack Helgren.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers: Jack Burzynski.

U-14 coed division

On June 11, the Cardinal Cardinals tied Lime, 2-2

Scoring for the Cardinal Cardinals were Faith Guizzetti and Jaden Lessard, while Sydney Kivi and Reid Grobar notched markers for Lime.

Athletic Heather got three goals from Cecilia McKinney and a single tally from Kalyn Betts to beat the Smashing Pumpkins, 4-2.

Karsten Kamps and Clare Belkowski scored for the losers.

U-10 girls division

Goal scorers in the division:

Grey Tornadoes: Ellasyn Jones.

Pink Fireworks: Ava Larson and Madison Spencer.

Yellowjackets: Emily Gauthier and Jordan Enright.

U-12 girls division

Goal scorers June 10 were:

Orange Crush: Amara Wallner and May Waters

Team No. 1: Abby Goodwin and Taylor Epper.

U-8 girls division

Scoring in the division:

Gray Gazelles: Stella Brunet, Eliza Lund, Alyson McCarthy, Anabel Ollila and Ellarie Thierry.

Pink Flamingos: Ava Andriacchi, Izabella Bell, Anna Hennings, Sydney Osborne, Willow Rule and Kendra Schwemin.

Yellow Lions: Grace Seger and Molly Wilson.

Red Dragons: Leah Charmley, Kyley Elmblad, Kaylee Hellman, Megan Marta, Erin Moe and Kaylen Wallner.

Blue Jays: Callie Tonella.

Pink Ninjas: Jessica Gooch and Maya Griffin.

U-6 coed divison

Goal scorers in the division were:

Sangria: Caleb Aho, Olivia Stade and Easton Aho.

Green Lightning: Sophia Skytta, Nora Skytta and Cole Trosien.

Sand: Grady Gauthier and Landon Hartung.

Orange: Caiden Helsel, Landen Faccio, Connor Helsel and Alina Nelson.

Orange Fire: Luke Trudeau. Dylan Main and Riley Sanville.

Aqua Blue: Grace Kinonen, Hazel Wyche and Hannah Josefsen.

Athletic Maroon: Lucas Parkkonen, Joey Provost, Braydon O’Dovero Bodi Bennett and Pavel McCutcheon.

Pink Panthers: Brody Sheldon, Peter Argeropoulus and Brooke Starr.

Shooting Stars: Brady Quinnell, Kalyn Carr and T.J. Davis.

Red Hot Lava: Charlie Hrodey and Evelyn Symbal.

Steele Sharks: Tyler Jensen and Lucas Belkowski.

Blue Lightning: Oliver Kudej and Ryker Paulsen.

Neon Pink: Bjorn Anderson, Mason Lautenschlager, Olivia Mills and Brady Audette.

Lime: Blayne LaCosse, Derek McEachern and Logan Schultz.

Red Rockets: Julian Labonte and Anjuli White.

U-6 girls division

Goal scorers for the week of June 9 were:

The Butterflies: Emilee Marier, Isla Engstrom and Keira Heino.

Blue Jays: Autumn Gouldman, Beira Lawrence, Logan McFarren, Grace Burgess and Elisa Malherbe.

Bluewaves: Ida Larsen, Ruby Moe and Ruby Burridge.

Pink Ponies: Tasha Valenti, Elle DeBolt, Jacie Tuljus and Maris Kulbieda.

Information compiled by Senior Sports Writer Craig Remsburg. He can be reached at 906-228-2500, ext. 251.