Money influences

To the Journal editor:

Why aren’t there at least 200 co-sponsors to overturn Citizens United in the House?

There appears to be more public awareness about the negative effects of Citizens United. This is the time to curb the amount of political contributions, and identify sources.

Democratic fundraising committees are asking us to sign a petition to overturn the corrupt Citizens United decision, the most damaging part equates unlimited amount of money with free speech.

So why is there still even a single member of at least the Democratic House caucus who is not yet a co-sponsor of H.J.Res.19, which would initiate the process of amending the Constitution to get the big special interest money out of our elections? And the same goes for the Senate and the corresponding S.J.Res 19.

And if the Republicans were truly conservative, would they not attempt to preserve our democratic way of life, and freedoms which form the basis of our country?

We, the people, will not vote for ANY member of Congress who will not stand up now to overturn this affront to our freedoms.

Tom Cappuccio